LED Mirror 800 x 800 Accor Collins Novotel Melbourne

LED Mirror 800 x 800 Accor Collins Novotel Melbourne

LED Hotel Light Fittings featuring high quality LED, Safety backed Mirror Glass, Demister Heater Pad Fully Tested and Certified to meet rigorous AS/NZS Standards. The fitting is complete with heater pad, 12-volt power supply, and LED. The mirror is 4mm copper and lead free Mirrox mirror. It has Grade A safety vinyl backing compliant with NZ Standards, Glazing in Buildings 4223: Part 3:1993. 

Customlight Engineering supports striving for a reduced carbon footprint, achieving high levels of efficiency, and supplying the best quality product possible. With this in mind, as a Light Manufacturing company we only select equipment and components that are able to meet these high standards.

This fitting has been scientifically tested and certified, by an independent assessor in accordance with the following standards: AS/NZS 60598.2.1: 1998, AS/NZS 60598.1: 2003, AS/NZS 55015:2006 A1:2007 A1:2009, AS/NZS CISPR15:2011

This fitting is wall mount only and recommended for use in bathrooms. Many sizes available so please contact us to discuss 0064 3 3417175 in New Zealand or email jason@customlight.co.nz.

We export to many destinations around the world while remaining price competitive.