Safety Signage

Safety Signage as seen on Ritchies Buses. With the safety of our children on everyone’s mind the challenge was set recently to design a solid and simple fitting - yet full proof - Bus Safety sign for Geraldine High School and its fleet of fifteen or so School Buses provided by Ritchies Coachlines. Working closely with Land Transport to develop this sign we succeeded in gaining a letter of compliance which we are quite proud of. Land Transport are currently clamping down on this whole area with regards to buses and signage. We had to jump through a few hoops and with the help of Paul at NZTA we were able to produce a great product. The sign is removable, fully adjustable, turns on by itself, and can be self-managed by the driver where needed. It is lightweight, yet very tough made from aluminium and stainless steel. The "Busign" is also designed to fit on 99% of all buses - front and rear. This product is being launched as a twin set fully kitted with everything required including optional suction caps for the bottom of the sign.